Prophets Ladder

Prophets’ Ladder

Allah Ta’ala has sent certain special people throughout time to guide people towards the worship of Allah Ta’ala alone.

These people are known as Nabi and collectively (plural) known as Ambiya in Arabic. In English we refer to them as Prophets and Messengers.

How many Prophets came?
A total of approximately 124,000 Prophets came with the message of Allah Ta’ala.

What were their names?
We do not know most of the Prophet’s names, but we know some of their names as they have been mentioned in the Qur’an and the Hadeeth of our beloved Nabi ﷺ.

Do we need to believe in them?
Yes, we are required to believe in all of the Prophets sent by Allah Ta’ala.

Who was the last Prophet?
The final Prophet was our beloved Nabi ﷺ. There will be no more Prophets to come until the day of Qiyamah.


In today’s activity, we will be using some of the names of the Prophets we know of and making a ‘Prophets’ Ladder’.

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What You’ll Need

1) Printer


2) Paper/card


3) Beads or anything to decorate your ladder with.


4) Hole punch or a pointed stick to make a hole


5) String/thread or a shoelace!


What you need to do

● Download the PDF file and print it.


Note: There is an option to print in colour or black and white and also there is a blank template so choose the template suitable to you.


● Once printed out, cut out the Prophets’ name tags


● Punch holes where marked or poke a hole with a pointed item carefully.


● If you print in black and white then decorate the name tags if you wish.


● Now lay the names down in order.


Starting with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at the top then,
Prophet Eesaa عليه السلام,
Prophet Musa عليه السلام,
Prophet Yusuf عليه السلام,
Prophet Ya’qub عليه السلام,
Prophet Ismaeel عليه السلام,
Prophet Ishaq عليه السلام,
Prophet Ibraheem عليه السلام,
Prophet Nooh عليه السلام,
Ending with Prophet Adam عليه السلام at the bottom.


● Now carefully start to thread your string through the names.


● That’s it, your ladder is ready and should look something like this:


Some other prophets’ names you could write on the blank template:


Idrees عليه السلام
Hood عليه السلام
Saalih عليه السلام
Loot عليه السلام
Ayyoob عليه السلام
Shuayb عليه السلام
Haroon عليه السلام
Dawood عليه السلام
Sulaymaan  عليه السلام
Ilyaas عليه السلام
Yoonus عليه السلام
Zakariyya عليه السلام
Yahya عليه السلام


Prophets Ladder

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