My Sunnah Wheel

My Sunnah Wheel

Let’s make a ‘My Sunnah Wheel’. You will be able to have lots of fun and also learn and practice upon the beloved sunan of our most perfect Nabi ﷺ.

Click here to download – My Sunnah Wheel

What You’ll Need

Printouts of the 3 wheels
● Blank Card
● Scissors
● Colouring pencils
● Split pin
● Glue

What You’ll Do

• Print out the 3 wheels on card.
• If you printed it out on paper then glue the paper onto the card. This will make your Sunnah wheel stronger.

• Colour in your wheels.

• Colour in the images also.

• Cut out all 3 wheels.

Front wheel: Don’t forget to cut out the blank triangle.
Back wheel: Be careful not to cut out the tabs on the back wheel.

• Make a hole in the centre of all 3 wheels.

• Fold in the tabs on the third wheel. Fold towards the blank side
• Place the back-wheel face down, (blank side up with the tabs visible

• Place the middle wheel (with the Sunnah written) on top of the back wheel. Note: Make sure the tabs are folded over the middle wheel and not under.

• Finally place the front wheel on top.

• Secure the wheels together with the split pin through the centre.

• Making sure the tabs are folded over the centre wheel, glue these tabs to the front wheel. Important! The middle wheel should be able to spin freely. The front and back wheel will be glued together with the tabs.

• Your Sunnah wheel is now ready! Look at it throughout the day to remind you of the sunnats you should be doing.


My Sunnah Wheel

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