My Favourites

My Favourites

We all have favourite things. For example, favourite colours, favourite toys and games, favourite chocolates /sweets and favourite drinks and food.

This week we want you to think about your favourite Islamic things.

You will be filling in a fun poster for your room!


1) Print out the chart in colour or black and white.


2) Fill in all the boxes in nice and clear writing.


3) If you print the black and white one then decorate it. Once it’s done stick it in your room.


4) Make sure to take a photo of it and send it to us to share with other children and also send it to your friends and family to see.


Top Tip:


Get the whole family to fill one in and then compare your favourites and discuss your own choice.


Regarding the above topics, you may use our Small Steps to Allah website as a resource for example to learn about different sahabah and to your surprise you may find a new favourite!


Enjoy reading up, inspiring and educating yourself!

Blue (For boys)

Purple (For girls)



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