Daily Challenge 1

📜 Today’s Task

📝 Make a timetable!

Dearest children, a good timetable is important to make best use of your time. It will allow you have to pray properly, play lots, rest enough, keep learning and help others too.

So let’s together make a good timetable.

Your timetable should include:

  • ⏰waking up no later than 9.30am
  • 📚 Starting the day with reading quran and one  madrasah kitab.. (surah Yaseen, at least 20 mins recitation  and 10 mins with a different madrasah Kitab daily)
  • 🗳️ taking out sadaqah (lillah) every morning.
  • at least 1 hour family time (without any 📵 electronics!)
  • 🔂 Making time for both  play and worship
  • 🕋 fixing time for 5 times  salaah
  • 📖 fixing a time for reading a good book you like
  • ⌛limiting gaming time to maximum 2 hours a day.
  • 🔌 2 hours of none electronic play time.
  • 📝settings a time to complete your daily challenge.
  • 🛹 active time.. (do some physical activity)
  • 📿 zikr time… (100x istighfar, 3rd kalimah and 300x durood)
  • 🎧 setting a time to listen to one of our lessons of the day from our website.
  • time to help out at home
  • 🛏️ cleaning bedroom daily
  • 🧹tidy up time after every activity and before bed.
  • reading surah mulk and surah sajdah before bed.
  • 🛌 bedtime no later than 11pm.

Once you’ve made your timetable keep it safe in a file and follow it daily.

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