17. Weekend Activity – 99 Names of Allah tree

The 99 Names of Allah Activity

Today we will be making a ‘Beautiful 99 Names of Allah Tree’.

Our creator Allah Ta’ala has 99 Names, which every believer should memorise and use while making dua to Him.

In the Glorious Quran we find a verse which says: “The most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call him by them.. (7:180)

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ has also told us that: ‘Allah Ta’ala has 99 names. Whosoever memorises them will enter paradise. (Bukhari /Muslim)

We should therefore:

1) Memorise all the names
2) Read them daily morning and evening
3) Use then when asking Allah Ta’ala for something
4) Display them in our homes

In this activity, we will help you make a beautiful tree with all of Allah Ta’ala’s beautiful names.

Make a beautiful 99 Names of Allah tree

What You’ll Need


You will need:

● Print out of leaves with names of Allah

● Print out of your chosen tree

● Printout of clouds

● Scissors

● Glue

● Coloured A3 card

● Any decorating items


1.) Print out the leaves with the names of Allah.


2.) Print out the tree you would like to use. If you want to be extra creative you can draw a tree out instead!


3.) Cut out the names, tree and clouds carefully.


4.) Take your A3 card and lay out the tree and all 99 names around it. You can place the names in order or random it’s up to you!


5.) Once you’re happy with how it all looks carefully glue it all down.


6.) Your names of Allah tree is complete. Try and learn all the beautiful names with the meaning.


Don’t forget to send us a picture of your tree.


Names of Allah (different colour paer)

Names of Allah (one colour paper)

Tree (Colour)

Clouds (Colour)

Tree (b/w)

Clouds (b/w)

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