They are our parents

They are our parents

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

Time quickly passes, yet value do we not,
The blessing that we have, recognise do we not,
For others are surely many, yet parents only one,
Yet give us do they both, more than anyone.

They are our gates, for heaven or for hell,
They are our du’ās, which keep us ticking well,
They are our life, and all good that can come,
They are our reason, for the days we have fun,

They are our chance, for rewards such as hajj,
They are our friends, as never do they judge,
They are who we turn to, in times of our need,
They are in their love, as truthful as can be.

They are all we had, when walk we could not,
They are whose favours, repay can we not,
They are who were there, in the darkest of nights
They are who have cared, no matter what the fright.

Today is your day, with your parents indeed,
Tomorrow none knows, what for us is decreed,
So value what you have, and treat them with care,
And acquire through them, your heavenly share.

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