The Clock on the Wall

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The Clock on the Wall

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

Just sit and watch, the clock on the wall,
The seconds so steadily, ticking along,
So accurate, precise, and efficient you will find,
The pattern, the rhythm, consistent every time.

While watching just follow, every tick of the hand,
In reverse don’t you think, it’s a timer counting down?,
Making shorter our life, every second that it ticks,
Every person it just seems, by this clock being tricked.

Notice do you not, or still are you tricked?
By this clock moving on, every second every tick.
Watch on if you want, till this lesson finds a place,
That these seconds ticking by, is your life slipping by!

Rather than tricking, every tick is really giving,
A warning to prepare for the time when the living,
Will find all the seconds of their life finish ticking,
And a life which will start where no clock will be ticking.

So watch the clock and the seconds ticking by,
Watch in reverse to help bid goodbye,
For a life which awaits where no clock will ever tick.
Where only good actions will do for you the trick.

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