Sunnah Practices at the time of a Solar Eclipse

Sunnah Practices at the time of a Solar Eclipse

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On Thursday 10th June many parts of the world will witness the eclipse. It is something some like to observe and spectate while others may not bother too much about.

From the Hadeeth of our beloved Nabi ﷺ, we learn it is definitely something to take notice of. Not for the reason of it being a spectacle but as a moment to remember and fear Allah Ta’ala.

What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when either the earth comes in between the moon and the sun (Lunar Eclipse) or when the moon comes in between the sun and the earth (Solar Eclipse). 

What did Nabi ﷺ do:

Let us look at the following narration to see what he did,

1) He advised to offer Salaah and make Du’a till it clears.


Our beloved Nabi ﷺ has said: …So whenever you see these (eclipses), offer salāh and make du‘ā till the eclipse has cleared. (Bukhari)

2) He advised to offer Salaah, say Takbir and give sadaqah.

3) On one occasion when an eclipse occurred,

A) Our beloved Nabi ﷺ said to his companions that Allah Ta’ala makes servants afraid through the eclipse.
B) He hastened to the masjid.
C) He offered a Salaah with the longest qiyam, ruku and sujood the Sahabah had witnessed.
D) He advised them to hasten to make dua, istighfar and zikr.


…So when you see the eclipse, make du’ā to Allāh and say takbīr, perform salāh and give sadaqah… (Bukhari)

…He (the Prophet ﷺ) went to the Masjid (on the occasion of solar eclipse) and offered the salāh with the longest qiyām, rukū‘ and sujūd that I had ever seen him doing. (Bukhari)

…So when you see anything from this then hasten towards remembering Him, making du‘ā to Him and seeking His Forgiveness.’ (Bukhari)

What we should do?

1) Perform salaah with jama’at in the masjid behind the Imam with a longer than normal Qiyam, ruku and sujood.

2) After the salaah, engage in dua till the eclipse passes.

3) It is not a time to be neglectful from remembering Allah Ta’ala by busying ourselves with witnessing the eclipse. Rather, it is an occasion and opportunity to follow the Sunnah of our beloved Nabi ﷺ and attract the mercy of Allah Ta’ala.