Salah Flip Chart

Salah Flip Chart

Salah is the second pillar of Islam. After believing in Allah Ta’ala the next most important act we need to do is perform our five daily Salah. There are many rewards for performing Salah and also punishment for missing Salah.


In today’s activity, we will be making a flip chart to help us remember if we have performed all our Salah for the day.

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What You’ll Need

● Print out of flip chart

● Coloured card

● Colouring pencils/ felt tips

● Scissors

● Glue


1.) Print out the Salah chart and cut around the outside of the frame very carefully. Now cut along the lines for the five daily Salah making sure it remains connected to the main chart. Now cut out the ‘Alhamdulillah’ flaps individually

2.) Glue your template down onto a coloured card. Make a crease and fold the five Salah flaps over.

3.) Stick the ‘Alhamdulillah’ flaps onto the back of each Salah flap.

4.) Fill in the boxes for the number of Rak’ah to be performed for each Salah. Use a Salah timetable to find out and write the time for each Salah in pencil.

Your Salah flip chart is now ready!

How to use your chart

1.)  Leave the five Salah flaps down.


2.) The aim is to perform each Salah and fold each flap up once you have performed the Salah.


3.) At the end of the day if you have any Salah tabs still down then be sure to perform that Salah before going to bed.


Salah Flip Chart

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