Qur’an reading Challenge

Qur’an reading Challenge

Are you ready to get lots of rewards..? Then this is for you!

1) Start with 15 mins daily Qur’an reading.

2) Write down what page you are on in the box and place a tick in the box too.

3) Once you manage a full week of reading Qur’an for 15 mins, you can move on to 20 mins a day for the next week.

4) Let’s see how quickly you can reach 40 mins a day.

Once you reach this target, send us your sheet and we will send you a ‘Small Steps to Allah Qur’an Reading Certificate’.

Click here to download

Did you know? For every letter of the Qur’an we read, Allah Ta’ala gives us 10 rewards?! Learn more by clicking here. Also, download our Qur’an reward poster.


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