Muhammad ﷺ – The Greatest of All

Mawlana Junayd sahib’s poem read as a nasheed by Mawlana Junaid Hussain (London)

Muhammad ﷺ – The Greatest of All

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

About the greatest man of all; what can I say?
A being so great, how can I say?
No language, no words, are fit for his praise,
No trend or culture can outclass his ways.

In the darkness of ignorance, this great being came,
A lantern to rescue, from immorality and shame,
With his companions like the moon, on a starlit night,
A guidance for all, be they red, black or white.

His truthfulness, his armour, noble character, his sword,
Winning and conquering, every heart and soul,
Bringing the Quraan, to guide young and old,
A strength for his message and help in his call.

Arriving when the norm, was to bury living girls,
Granting them respect, to make them precious young pearls,
The poor, the wealthy, weak and strong the same,
This is the teaching, with which this greatest man came.

Making unlawful, breaking of ties,
Making compulsory, safeguarding the eyes,
The beard he made, a beauty for the face,
As equal to him, were every colour and race.

Peace his motto, kindness his goal,
Affection and love is all he showed,
Returning the rights and justice to all,
He was no doubt the greatest of all

Shedding his light on every aspect of life,
Whether child or parent, whether husband or wife.
If in life, success is your goal, O reader!
Hold fast to the way of this greatest leader.

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