Make a Sunnats of Drinking Poster

Make a Sunnats of Drinking Poster

A person will barely survive for 3 days if he did not have any water to drink. This is why we should thank Allah whenever we drink water.

This includes drinks, juices, tea etc. as all of them contain water. So, basically any liquid we drink results in us benefiting from this very great blessing which Allah Ta’ala has given us.

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In today’s activity, we will be learning and making a poster about the Sunnats of our beloved Nabi ﷺ related to drinking.


1) Print and thereafter cut out the cup and the icons.


2) Glue the icons inside the cup.


3) Glue the cup onto another sheet of paper or card to make your ‘Sunnah of Drinking’ poster.


4) Decorate as you wish.


5) Now follow the Sunnats whenever you drink something.

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Make a Sunnats of Drinking Poster

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