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Lifting footwear

Lifting footwear (shoes, sandles, slippers etc.) with the left hand

We all come across occasions when we need to pick up or move our shoes.

How do we normally do this? Well we have two real options; one is to use the right hand and the other is to use the left hand.

Whichever hand we use, we will get the job done, but only one of the hands will bring us reward in the hereafter.

So which hand will bring us the reward?

In the Hadeeth we find that our beloved Nabi ﷺ would pick up his footwear with his left hand, so whoever picks up their shoes etc. with their left hand will surely get rewarded. Simple as that!

So, the next time you are about to pick your shoes remind yourself to use your left hand, so that this simple and insignificant task can become rewarding and important in the hereafter.

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