Islamic Months Wheel Activity

Islamic Months Wheel Activity

Muslims around the world follow the Islamic Calendar which is also known as the Hijri calendar and Lunar calendar. 

The Islamic calendar consists of 12 months and will either be 29 or 30 days depending when the moon is sighted.

It is important for Muslims to be familiar with the Islamic calendar and know what month and which date we are on so that we do not miss any important dates and events.


In today’s activity, we will be making an Islamic months wheel which will help us learn the months and know what to look forward to in each month.

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What You’ll Need

● Printouts of the 3 wheels

● Blank Card (if you are printing on paper)

● Scissors

● Colouring pencils

● Split pin

● Glue


1. Print out the 3 wheels on card.


2. If you printed it out on paper then glue the paper onto the card. This will make your wheel stronger.


3. Cut out all 3 wheels.


4. On the front wheel cut out the blank triangle.


5. Be careful not to cut out the tabs on the back


6. Fold in the tabs on the back wheel.


7. Place the back wheel down, place the centre information wheel on top of it under the tabs and finally place the front wheel on top.


8. Align and secure the wheels together with the split pin through the centre.


9. Add glue to the tabs and stick to the back of the front wheel.


10. Colour in your wheel.


11. The middle wheel should be able to spin freely. The front and back wheel will be glued together with the tabs.


Your Islamic months wheel is now ready!


Islamic Months Wheel Activity

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