Hanging Du’a card

Hanging Du’a card

Travelling from place to place is a part of everyone’s day to day routine. There are many forms of transport that take us from one place to another. Some travel by walking, while others on bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, busses, coaches, trains, ships, planes and some places animals too! All of these forms of transportation are a great blessing from Allah Ta’ala which make life so much more easier for us. 

For this reason, our amazing Nabi ﷺ taught us a dua, which we should all memorise and read every time we board a vehicle or any form of transport.


In today’s activity we will be learning and making a craft which has the travelling dua. You can hang it or place it in the car and recite it whenever you travel.

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What You’ll Need

● Printout of the Du’a card

● Blank Card

● Scissors

● Colouring pencils

● String

● Glue


1.) Print the template out on thin card.


2.) If printing on paper glue it down onto thin card.


3.) Cut out around the full template. Leave the cars joint.


4.) Colour in the cars.


5.) Fold so the duas are on the outside.


6.) Punch a hole where marked.


7.) Thread a string and make a loop.


8.) Hang it in the car.


Remember to recite the dua when travelling anywhere!


Hanging Du’a card

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