Good Deeds Challenge

Good Deeds Challenge

We all know we need to do good deeds to please Allah Ta’ala and enter into Jannah. Apart from performing our daily five times Salah and ensuring we stay away from sins, how many other good deeds do we manage each day?


For this weeks activity, to help us bring lots of good deeds into our daily lives we will be making a wonderful good deeds challenge.

Daily we will pick a card, read what the good deed challenge is on the card and make sure it is done by the evening.

The next day we will pick a new card and so on. Once all the cards are completed, reward yourself with a treat!

Once you get the hang of doing one good deed daily, pick two cards daily, then three and keep increasing. Soon it will become a habit insha’allah! So let’s get started and start doing lots of good deeds as soon as possible!

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Once completed, your activity may look like this,


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