Dua when seeing someone smile

Du’a when seeing someone smile

There is nothing quite like seeing someone happy. Especially those close and dear to us. This is why we all enjoy weddings and occasions when we get together, as usually everyone around us is happy and rejoicing.

This happiness and our method of expressing happiness through smiles and laughter are two very special blessings from Allah Ta’ala.

This is why our beloved Nabi ﷺ taught us a very lovely Du’a, we should try to read when we see someone happy and smiling

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ taught us to read:

Dua when seeing someone smile

أَضْحَكَ اللهُ سِنَّكَ

‘Adhakallahu sinnak’

Translation: “May Allah Ta’ala keep you smiling” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Such a short yet excellent Du’a! It is an absolutely amazing sunnah of our beloved Nabi ﷺ in which we ask for the person smiling to have many more smiling and happy moments for the rest of their life! SubhanAllah!

Some benefits of reading this Du’a: 

By reading this Du’a, we will obviously gain lots of rewards and blessings. But with this Du’a, it will help us to remember that:

1) Happiness is a great favour from Allah Ta’ala.

2) Happiness is not in our control. It is something we feel inside and more correctly it is something Allah Ta’ala makes us feel inside us.

3) A believer always tries to make people around him happy by sharing small gifts, giving kind compliments, and where possible sharing appropriate humour.

Fact: It is no wonder that meeting others with a smile is an act of charity. Our smile will Insha’Allah bring a smile to the face of others and spread happiness.

4) There is an everlasting happiness in Jannah where we will experience nothing but happiness. The happiness in this world is just a sample of the happiness to come.

5) Smiling is fine, in fact, encouraged. It is not against being religious. However, laughing loudly and excessively is discouraged as it hardens the heart and makes the person forget the hereafter.

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