Doodle Challenge

Doodle Challenge


Time to get creative! This activity is to get you to draw something in a limited amount of time. Don’t worry about creating a perfect drawing; try to capture the basic shapes, lines and patterns if possible and then if there’s time try to add as much detail as possible. All the drawings we hope will make you think of Allah Ta’ala, Islam or the Hereafter.

What You’ll Need

What you need: For the cards:
1) Printer

2) Card

3) Scissors

What you need: For the challenge:
1) Printed challenge cards

2) Container for the cards

3) Paper/Sketchbook

4) Pencil and sharpener

5) Rubber/eraser

6) Stopwatch

7) Container for the cards

8) A hard surface to lean on


1) Print and carefully cut up the Doodle Challenge Cards.

2) Place them in a container, like a cup or tub etc.

3) One person at a time will pick a card from the tub and read it out to the other players.

4) Set your timer to count down to the amount of time on the card.

5) Make sure everyone is ready before starting the counter.

6) Draw until the time is up.

7) Share your drawing with the rest of the players and they must give a score out of 3 to each other.


Doodle Challenge

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