Daily Lesson 78

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? Sayyiduna Hanzala رضي الله عنه was known as Gha-see-lul Malaa’ikah – the one who was washed by the Angels. This was because he was martyred in the battle of Uhad and our beloved Nabi ﷺ after seeing him said ‘Indeed the Angels are washing your companion’s body.’ (Ibn Hibban)

Sadaqah – Spending and earning rewards

If we had a pound coin, what could we do with this? We can buy sweets and chocolates, maybe save it till we have a few pounds so we can buy something bigger, or we can spend it to earn Jannah and please Allah.

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ has said that: The one who is generous in charity will be called from the gate of charity (to enter into Jannah) (Bukhari, Muslim)

This spending is known as Sadaqah.

Let us look at a few ways we can spend in good causes and earn these rewards:

1) Building masajid (mosques).

2) Helping the poor.

3) Looking after widows and orphans.

4) Spending on places of knowledge or towards material used for knowledge such as kitabs etc.

5) Providing shelter and clothing to those in need.

6) Providing water through wells, hand pumps, bottled water etc.

What are the benefits and rewards of sadaqah?

1) It cools the anger of Allah Ta’ala

2) Allah Ta’ala sends an angel daily. The angel says that may Allah Ta’ala increase the person who spends today and decrease the person who does not spend in the path of Allah Ta’ala today.

3) It is an investment in the hereafter and multiplies. (Surah Al-Hadeed)

4) Removes calamities (Tirmidhi)

5) Sadaqah can be a source of never-ending reward even after you pass away. Example is giving money towards a masjid or building a well. This is called sadaqah Jaariyah.

6) Sadaqah offers shade on the day of Qiyamah. (Tirmidhi)

7) Saqdaqah removes sins (Tirmidhi)

8) While all other spending decreases our wealth, sadaqah increases it and grows it by more than 700 times!

Did you know?

Sadaqah can also be actions such as removing an obstacle from the pathway to save others from harm (click here) or something as simple as a smile! How amazing is that!