Daily Lesson 217

Allah Ta’ala chooses us to build His House (Part 1)

There was once a masjid being built. It was going to be such a beautiful masjid. The community donated and helped. There was some who of course couldn’t donate as they were too poor. At the same time, there were others who were rich but did not want to donate and help the Masjid.

They had raised enough money to get the work started so keeping trust in Allah Ta’ala work began. Weekly more and more donations would come and work would carry on. However, a problem happened. As they got close to the end of building the masjid, donations started to slow down and soon all the money was finished, and they needed more. 

They missed one payment, then another and then another. The builders finally became tired and said if by Friday we do not receive £50,000 in payments, work will have to stop and the masjid will not be made ready to use again.

Everyone was worried. They all gave whatever they could, but it totalled to only £5,000. There were still some very rich people who came to know of this need but still refused to help.

The days quickly passed by and Friday arrived. Today this payment needed to be made. They had trust in Allah Ta’ala but couldn’t see how he was going to help them.

To be continued tomorrow…

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