Daily Lesson 193

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? The month of Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and It is one of the 4 sacred/sanctified months of the Islamic Calendar!

The respect Imam Abu Hanifah رحمه الله had for his seniors 

Lived from: 80 AH (699) to 150 AH (767) 

Imam Abu Hanifa رحمه الله also know as Imamul Azam (the great Imam) is one of the four famous imams of fiqh and his fiqh is followed by thousands around the world. Historians say he studied from approximately 4000 teachers! Living in a time when some Sahabah were still alive, he is regarded as a Tabi’ee. Despite his high status and knowledge, he had an amazing level of respect and regard for his teachers and seniors. 

He says himself,  “I never stretched my legs in the direction of the house of my teacher, Hammad ibn Abi Sulayman رحمه الله, although I was seven blocks away from his house.

When making dua, I would seek forgiveness for him together with my parents. I would also seek forgiveness for all those under whom I studied or all those who taught me something.”

(Risalatul Mustarshideen)