Daily Lesson 134

Memorise and practice a new hadeeth every week!

By Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

Do NOT Backbite

إِيَّاكُمْ وَالْغِيْبَة

Our Beloved Nabi ﷺ said, “Save yourself from backbiting ”

Kanzul Ummal


When we talk to friends and family, there will be occasions when we find ourselves talking about someone else. When doing so we need to be careful we don’t involve ourselves in Gheebah (Backbiting).

What is Gheebah?

Gheebah is when we talk about someone, in their absence and our topic or discussion is such that if the person we are talking about was to find out, they would be upset by this.

What if what we are saying is true about the person?

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was once asked this. He replied that this is exactly what Gheebah is. If what we talk about is not true then it is Buhtaan (slander) and this is even worse.

What are the harms of Gheebah?

When we involve ourselves in gheebah, we build hatred and disunity between people.

With this, those who involve themselves in gheebah, will on the day of Qiyamah have to face those whom they talked about and have to give their rewards to them.

What we learn from this hadeeth:

1) Allah Ta’ala does not like us to involve ourselves in gheebah

2) We need to be sure not to talk about others in their absence.

3) Any gatherings where people are talking about others should be avoided.

4) Being involved in gheebah, be it by speaking or listening, are both an act of sin.

5) Look to always think and speak good about others or remain silent.

Benefits of following this hadeeth:

1) The honour of respect for people will be safeguarded.

2) People will not be caused hurt and grief.

3) By everyone refraining from gheebah, there will be no one to speak ill of us.

4) Allah and His Nabi ﷺ will be happy with us.

5) As we find in a hadeeth, gheebah is like eating the flesh of your brother, we will be saved from this.

6) There will be less chance of disputes and arguments.

7) We will learn to think and speak good of people.

8) We will be saved from difficulties as many difficulties come as a result of us speaking about and enjoying the loss of others.

9) Our rewards will be protected in the hereafter.