Al Khaliq, (The Creator), Al-Bari’, (The Maker) Al-Musawwir, (The Shaper of Beauty)

Al-Khaliq, Al-Bari’, Al-Musawwir

Three of the beautiful names of Allah Ta’ala are:

1) اَلْخَالِق Al-Khaliq, The Creator,

2) اَلْبَارِء Al-Bari’, The Maker

3) اَلْمُصَوِّر Al-Musawwir, The Shaper of Beauty

All of these names describe Allah Ta’ala’s ability to create and make anything He wills. 

When thinking of these three names let us remember a few points about each name:

اَلْخَالِق (Al Khaliq)

1) Allah Ta’ala is the one who creates something from nothing!

2) Allah Ta’ala creates things which before were not in existence.

3) Allah Ta’ala decides what to create, where to create it and when and how to Create it!

اَلْبَارِء (Al Bari’)

1) Whatever Allah Ta’ala makes, He makes it perfectly.

2) Allah Ta’ala does not need to copy anything to make what He wishes.

3) Allah Ta’ala is free from faults.

اَلْمُصَوِّر (Al Musawwir)

1) Allah Ta’ala creates and makes everything different, giving everything/everyone a unique (different) form.

2) His power of creation makes everything beautiful in the way He wishes to give it beauty.

Now let’s look around and look at everything Allah Ta’ala has created and the beauty and perfection with which he has made everything.

Somethings you can look and think about are:

Trees, flowers, fruits and leaves. Lakes, mountains, beaches and rivers. The sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars. Humans, birds, bees, animals and fish.


In today’s activity we will be reminding ourselves of these three beautiful names of Allah Ta’ala.

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What You’ll Need

1) Printout of the two templates

2) Scissors

3) Colouring pencils/crayons/felt tips

4) Glue/Sellotape

5) Hard clear plastic or a laminating sheet which has been put through the laminator

6) Anything to Decorate the frame with.

What you need to do

1) Print out both the template pages

2) Cut out all three templates. (the frame, the partition and the picture)

3) Get an adult to help you cut out the centre rectangle in the frame template

4) Make neat creases along the lines and fold over.

5) Position the partition card inside the frame and glue only the two flaps.

6) Fold the front of the frame over and glue the open edge down to the flap.

7) Cut the clear plastic to the size of the picture card.

8) Sellotape or glue the two together, the hard plastic should be on top of the picture.

9) Trace over the outline of your picture onto the hard plastic. Use a permanent marker.

10) Now colour your picture in.

11) Carefully slide your hard plastic into your frame. It should be under the frame but on top of the partition. Slide the coloured picture part under the partition in the back of the frame.

12) When pushed down, your slider card will look like this.

13) Pulled up your slider card will look like this!

14) Decorate your card as you wish.

Show your friends and family your amazing craft. How wonderful is Allah Ta’ala that he has made and created things for us in the most beautiful way.


Al Khaliq, (The Creator), Al-Bari’, (The Maker) Al-Musawwir, (The Shaper of Beauty)

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