A Special Gift

A Special Gift from Allah

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

How a gift from someone returning,
From a journey holds to us so dear.
It represents their thought and love,
Making the gift so dear.

What of the gift from a journey so far,
A journey of the heavens and beyond.
A gift very carefully chosen and sent,
By Allah who loves us a lot.

Sent is this gift for all mankind,
Till the time in this world we remain.
A gift through which we may connect,
For the bond with Allah to remain.

So special a gift with rewards so great,
No wonder this gift is from Him.
A gift through which, one can attain,
Jannah no doubt from Him.

Who can doubt how special this gift
Understood when only it’s used.
Its power unique, so removing the veil
To talk with Allah when used.

Not only this, but rewards are such,
Promised are fifty for the five.
Such reasons and more that make this gift
So precious and rewarding for all.

Yet sad is the state that despite all of this,
This gift is neglected, unused.
Ungrateful maybe, for such a gift,
Why else would it be unused.

This gift is indeed the five-time salah,
Awarded to the prophet ﷺ that night.
When travelled he did and met Allah,
Meraj as we know that night.

So fortunate to know, we were remembered
And a memory we have of that night.
Why not embrace the five daily salah
That reminds us each time of that night.

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