A Day Without A Lie

A Day Without A Lie

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

I am very honest, I always thought
Till a day when I decided so,
Easy enough I thought to myself,
Deciding, ‘Today I will not lie’.

Realised only, when my day began,
What a struggle I would find it to be,
‘Should I speak the truth or should I lie?’
Normally I’m sure I’d not lie?

This seemed to be, a part of my day,
A habit which, I had realised not,
So confused and I sat to one side,
Thinking how untruthful am I.

A compliment, as simple as should be,
Made extravagant through a lie,
Or an excuse, so harmless it maybe,
Yet damaging, I ask myself why?

Needlessly I was lying so freely,
Hating myself so much I really am,
Lying at times to just impress,
How foolish a person am I.

This habit I’ve found, was with all,
No matter how young or old,
Even a story to add interest
Why did I have to lie?

So common was my habit of lying
But I had not noticed till now
But by thinking and by reflecting
I know now, how often I would lie

Even when buying and even selling
I found the tendency was always there
A desire to conceal what was true
How selfish really am I?

This is a story so true for us all
How many times we find we lie
So let us try a day without a lie
And see how easy your day goes by.


We all know it’s bad to lie and so many people try not to lie. But lying takes many different forms which sometimes we don’t think of as being a lie.

Like in the poem let’s also spend a day thinking about how honest we are.

Are we selling something and we know something is wrong with it, but we are keeping quiet about it?

Or maybe we are telling a story and to make it more exciting we add something extra to it.

Hopefully, we’ll learn a few things which will help us become better.

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